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The Creative Lunch Box is a curated box of simple and fun items to use in your child’s lunch box, all of which are perfectly themed to coincide with each month of the school year.

When you purchase, a brand new themed Creative Lunch Box will be delivered to your door. You can choose to buy monthly for your favorite themed box, or subscribe to the 9-month Creative Lunch Box set to receive a discount! All boxes include FREE SHIPPING!

Lunchtime presents an excellent opportunity for parents to make connections with their kids while they are at school.  I miss my little ones so much during the day.  I love to know that each and every day I can bring a smile to their sweet faces using The Creative Lunch Box.  As they open their lunch, they receive their special surprise and know I am thinking of them during the school day, building a strong home-school connection for them.  For the busy moms and dads, finding the time to create these connections on your own can seem daunting, but this creative box has everything a parent needs to make these meaningful connections.

Here is a look at all 9 themes! All 9 themes perfectly coordinate with holidays and activities throughout the school year.


  • Back to School (Aug/Sept)
  • Halloween (October)
  • Thanksgiving (November)
  • Christmas (December)
  • Winter (January)
  • Valentine’s Day/ Read Across America (February)
  • Patrick’s Day (March)
  • Spring (April)
  • Countdown to Summer (May/June)


Each item has been hand selected by me, a mom and a school teacher. My mission is to help moms and dads build meaningful connections with their children while they are at school, and The Creative Lunch Box is the perfect way to do this!

Another amazing feature is that for every box purchased a donation is made to a classroom teacher!