Welcome to the schoolhouse shop!

Give Back

When I started compiling a list of my hopes and dreams for my shop, I knew I wanted this to be a way for me to give back. I have been an elementary special education teacher for 13 years, and I know how hard teachers work every day. I know how much of their own money they put into their classrooms each school year. This shop is an opportunity for me to help so many moms and dads with my products as well as a chance to give back to some of those hard-working teachers.

With each purchase of The Creative Lunch Box made, I will donate a portion to a school teacher and their classroom. I will start with local teachers in my area and eventually move on to a nomination process for teachers all over the country! I am so excited just thinking about all the teachers I can help!

This is something I am passionate about. It is truly my dream and mission to bless as many moms and dads as I can and to bless many, many teachers along the way!