Welcome to the schoolhouse shop!

About Laura

Hello! I am so happy that you are here! 

My name is Laura Orlando. I am a wife, mom, and a special education teacher. I have been teaching for 13 years and I love what I do and the amazing teachers I get to work with every single day!

I started the Schoolhouse Shop to share my creativity and my constant desire to help moms and dads everywhere. If I can create products that are simple yet meaningful, then I have done my job. I want to help create meaningful, life-long connections between moms and dads and their children so that they can feel as if they are a part of their child's school life. In addition, I want a place that moms and dads can come to which will also help build a relationship with their child's teacher along the way. 

My plan is to continue to create products that help moms and dads throughout their years with school-age children. The Creative Lunch Box is my first product to share with you, and I am so excited about it!  I am a busy mom myself and simplicity was on my mind when creating this product. I wanted something that is easy to use when packing lunches but also meaningful.

My products are designed to be intentional & simple to help you create meaningful connections at school. My blog The Schoolhouse Site.com is a place for you to find other creative & simple ideas for making family memories at home as well as tips and tools to create the most successful school year. I would love for you to connect with me and if there is anything you would love to see, please feel free to email and let me know!